Top 4 Tips that Will Transform How You Date

Believe it or not – dating isn’t always a walk in the park. After countless blind dates and dinners, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up on dating altogether. However, with the right tips dating can be a great experience and ultimately lead to a new relationship.

Here are the top four tips that will transform how you date.

Look beyond the bar and club scene

While there are tons of opportunities to meet people while taking shots and sipping your margaritas, there are plenty of places to meet someone that doesn’t involve loud music and an energetic crowd. If you only look in one or two spots, then you are missing out on possible opportunities.

In fact, many people have reported having found their mate while having coffee or in line at a grocery store.

Go ahead and let your friends plan a date

No one knows you like your friends do so why not go ahead and let them set a date up with someone they recommend? Meeting someone through friends brings a certain comfort and familiarity that isn’t often found in dating. Go ahead and let them play cupid, just be sure not to let it get in between your friendship.

Move away from the friend zone

It seems like the “friend zone” wall has become a regular thing between friends. But with someone who you share common interests and communications with, why not turn that into a great date and possibly a relationship?

Think about it: this person could be someone who already knows your background, family, shares similar values, and you are already comfortable with them. Additionally, a strong friendship makes the best foundation for any relationship.

Consider using an online dating site

Over the years, the internet has brought us many opportunities to watching movies, shopping online and now it can even bring you, love. Consider what you want from our dating experience and choose a site that fits your interests. This will prevent any time wasted.

Got any more tips on how you can transform how you date? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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