Picking up Women on the Street.My Personal Experience

So this is the thing that most men can’t do or think they are not capable of doing. In reality it is not that tough. You would think that talking to attractive women on the streets will only end up in rejection; well sometime maybe but not always. I have talked to women on the street many times and sometimes I have been successful in getting their number. What you need to do is learn the correct way of talking to women on the street.

An attractive woman knows that you did not stop her on the road to talk to her about Hitler or because you think she might be really intelligent. They know that you find her attractive and have stopped her for the mere purpose of trying to know whether you can get her number. Well, that is why she expects the common approach. You should be different from the other guys who use corny pick up lines and ask for the girl’s number right away. A good looking girl gets hit on by guys all the time. They are tired of people whistling at her and telling her that she has a nice ass. You need to tell make it sound like you are not actually that kind of a guy, so that it turns her jerk alert alarm off.

What I do is walk up to the girl and pass by her and then turn around and say, “excuse me, would you happen to know where I can find some nice clothes for women. I can’t tell the difference between a blouse and a dress and I’ve got to buy something for my sister”. This statement shows her that you are sensitive enough to get something for your sister and face it guys, every woman loves giving fashion advice. So she would tell you where you can get it. Thank her and then engage her in a flowing conversation. Be cheeky sometimes, women get attracted to witty humor. Don’t look at her assets while talking to her and seem like you are genuinely enjoying the conversation. If you put your mind to it, she will end up giving you her number. Just remember not be a jerk.

I like this approach but some of my friends like to approach women by being cheeky and taking them by surprise. That works too. Just let her walk by you and suddenly call out to her by saying ‘Hi’ and then continue the sentence with something cheeky like “Is there really a color mauve or is that just a figment of women’s imagination? My cousin specified that she wanted a mauve gown but I don’t seem to find the different between mauve and purple.” She will be surprised with the casual tone and cheeky words and she will talk to you because you seem to not notice her obvious attraction. Then, the rest is in your hands.

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