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Often most of us get to meet complete strangers at clubs, parties, restaurants or parks just casually through our friends or acquaintances. Well that is part of your lifestyle and all men and women tend to make contacts, come across new individuals, establish connections and make friends. One of the prime factors that play an important role in a successful friendship is that there is something in common between two individuals. Often it is similar qualities, preferences, tastes, choices or interests that bring people close to each other and lays the ground for brooding friendship. People have friends and other friends and even other friends for these same reasons. So considering the friend of a friend for dating may not be that bad idea as after all there will be something common that you will be able to find in the other individual. Considering genuine datingideas, this would be a very wise decision for a potentialdate, rather than blind date.

A blind date is simply when you meet a friend of a friend or the colleague of a friend whom you haven’t seen or met priorly. You are meeting the individual for the first time. Meeting a complete stranger for dating through sites or any other channel is also termed as blind date.

Often it is either the friends or the family members who tend to arrange blind dates or such unforeseen dating rendezvous on behalf of single individuals. In fact people who are the most close to us and who know us well are often heard asking such questions like, “Do you exactly have any idea who will actually be perfect for you?”

Well going on blind dates that a friend or a relative arranges for you is one of the most potent ways in which a single person can start his search for a suitable dating partner. Blind dates can also be held as a positive way in which you can find a suitable date who surely has something in common with you, some quality that both of you possess which helps build on the attraction in a relationship.

But on the other hand, there are a few cons of this entire idea of blind dates as well. The precise downside that a blind date may have is you can end up meeting a person who is absolutely disgusting and wearisome. There is no such way in which you can actually manage to predict the chemistry in a relationship, let alone a blind date. It is never possible for a third person to decide on how two people are going to get along. Only the people who are dating each other can decide on how they will get along that too after dating for some time. All that friends and relatives can make, in case of arranging blind dates, is blank guesses. And they make these guesses on the basis of your prior dates, the kind of people you have been dating earlier, etc. There is no solid basis to define what evokes the true attraction between two individuals who are dating.

Whenever we walk into a pub or a disco, we know exactly what in the surroundings is drawing our attention. You know exactly whom you are eyeing since the very first step in to the place. But often after speaking to him/her for the first time, the initial attraction you had felt subsides in the face of a horrible accent or a poor grammar or worst than all, a tacky clichéd pick up line. Well the truth is, no matter how easy we may think it to be but meeting a soul mate is not a matter of joke. Just dating girls like that is not going to be your way of establishing a long relationship or finding the perfect date.

One of the latest trends in the field of dating that has emerged with a blast is the idea of online dating. It is a mode of dating that is both a lot of fun and convenient as well. But to ensure whether the person you are talking to is honest and not a sheer fake talking lies, you actually need to spend a lot of time talking to him. A lot of people who do online dating do not always say true things about who they are or what they do. Hence, to avoid fraudulent traps one needs to be extra careful. Physical attraction is not all that matters. What actually matters is to find physical attraction in someone who shares a very strong mental compatibility with you and a bright personality as well.

On the concluding note, it can be said that ‘yes’ blind dates do work to an extent, you just need to be at the right place at the right time and you can surely run a chance of meeting one with whom you can share a long and satisfying relationship.

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Do you think women judge whether you are attractive or not on the basis of things you say or the way you talk? Well experts on relationships say appearing attractive or not depend on what you say but on your body language. Researches have revealed that as much as 90% of the communication in a relationship are portrayed through the various non-verbal cues or non-verbal gestures. So while on a date if you are unable to portray the accurate and appropriate kind of body language, then even the best stories and the most posh restaurants won’t really be able to help you during dating.

So the simple solution to successful dating leading to long-term relationships is the right body language accompanied with the right non-verbal gestures. In case you want to portray your high status you will have to be well versed in the secrets of presenting a very positive body language using non-verbal gestures. With such improved body language and subtle communication skills you will not just be dating but your dates will also find you to be a rather dominant and confident guy with a very strong personality.

Here are a few tips that can help you present the most positive body language using efficient non-verbal gestures in front of women when dating.

First and foremost you need to do away with the weak body language that you have right now. One of the first steps to take to improve upon the body language is to eliminate all those traits and communication skills which in general can be perceived as weak body language by women while dating. Women are very good at instantly detecting all those men who are not confident enough or don’t have strong communication skills.  So for speedy improvement of your over all body language try to be sensitive to the various non-verbal gestures that you display in front of your date. Some of the common body language traits and weak communication skills that you need to discard is,

  • Do not put your hands inside the pockets.
  • Do not talk to her with folded arms.
  • Stop fidgeting with tidbits as it shows you are nervous.
  • Be comfortable and sit relaxed taking up ample space.
  • Do not look uncomfortable amidst social situations.
  • Do not keep running about here and there.
  • Do not slump your shoulder or head down.
  • Keep up in pace with her and do not walk very fast.
  • Never lean against her just during an initial conversation.

Eliminating these few non-verbal gestures from your body language will help bring about instrumental changes in your personality giving you confidence while dating.

The next thing you need to do for a proper body language is start working on your particular stance. The specific way in which a man stands can have significant impact in the way the girl perceives you while on a date. When you are standing do not forget to keep your head high and chin up. If near a bar hold the drink with one hand and place the other hand at your side. Do not lean and keep your back straight. This is a secret yet strong way of showing your confidence through body language when dating.

Another rocking non-verbal gesture that helps you posit a strong body language and establish your charm is to face away from women. Men can actually tell women a lot of things using their sharp communication skills even without opening their mouth. If you like a woman at a party, avoid making the clichéd mistake of walking up to a woman, occupy her private space and throw obvious intentions that you want to pick on her. When talking to a woman for the first time, don’t ever make the mistake of letting her know of your intentions by any chance. Let her be at ease in her own space and also try not to face her directly. When being faced directly often women may feel a little uncomfortable. So the best thing to do is approach her but on the side. Try to be at an angle that will help ease her tension and stop making her nervous. And such a body language will also evidently show that you are not really pinned upon the emotional outcome of the conversation which is one of the most suitable non-verbal gestures.

This is a very strong non-verbal gesture that helps create not just a strong body language but at times makes the woman you are eyeing quite anxious and attracted towards you. On the concluding note it can be said that it is body language that helps provide a suitable first impression creating one’s status in the eyes of a woman. So if you have the exact idea of how to use your communication skills, your body language and some non-verbal gestures, you will be able to create the most attractive aura about yourself while dating with the least of efforts.

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The other day, I planned this perfect candle lit dinner for my girl and it was perfect. I say perfect because my girl said so. Girls are so good at boosting the male ego. You know we should learn that from them. Well, coming back to the dinner. Yes. It was a Friday and we had a date at eight. I had nothing to do all day and I got this brilliant idea that I should for once stop being a prick and actually do something nice for my girl. I confess I cheated. I actually laid my hands on a mills and boon novel and got some ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I do not own a mills and boon novel. The thing is, I went into a bookshop to get a cookbook. Yeah, I was under the impression that I can cook and had the idea that I’d cook dinner for my girl. Well, that idea flopped after I looked into the cookbook. There was no way that I could pull off anything in that book. I even worry about boiling eggs! So there, in the bookshop I found the girlish romance novel.

Now that I’m cleared if all charges, let me continue. I got some long stemmed red roses, a CD of assorted love songs and scented candles. I ordered food when I got home, all her favorites and then got down to decorating the place. I put the round dining table in the middle of the room and put a tablecloth over it. I positioned the candles on it and placed the plates and spoons on the table as I had seen in movies. I put on the CD and kept the remote nearby. I had forgotten the wine so I had to go out again to get it. I then proceeded to tidy up my place a little. It would have spoiled the mood if my dirty socks got in the way.

The dinner arrived at 7.30 and my girl arrived at 8. She’s punctual; well then again, she is a girl. It’s like a habit of theirs. I usually remember I have to be somewhere after people call me to say they are waiting. Anyhow, she came in and I started playing the CD. I could see the surprise on her face when she saw the setting. I had already lit the candles and put the food on the table. I gave her the roses and the look on her face made my efforts worth it. I would do it all over again just to see that smile reappear on her face.

So, we danced a little and then ate in the candle light. It was great, really great. The rest of the evening is personal if you know what I mean. Women are right, romantic stuff do work wonders for a relationship.

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Believe it or not – dating isn’t always a walk in the park. After countless blind dates and dinners, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up on dating altogether. However, with the right tips dating can be a great experience and ultimately lead to a new relationship.

Here are the top four tips that will transform how you date.

Look beyond the bar and club scene

While there are tons of opportunities to meet people while taking shots and sipping your margaritas, there are plenty of places to meet someone that doesn’t involve loud music and an energetic crowd. If you only look in one or two spots, then you are missing out on possible opportunities.

In fact, many people have reported having found their mate while having coffee or in line at a grocery store.

Go ahead and let your friends plan a date

No one knows you like your friends do so why not go ahead and let them set a date up with someone they recommend? Meeting someone through friends brings a certain comfort and familiarity that isn’t often found in dating. Go ahead and let them play cupid, just be sure not to let it get in between your friendship.

Move away from the friend zone

It seems like the “friend zone” wall has become a regular thing between friends. But with someone who you share common interests and communications with, why not turn that into a great date and possibly a relationship?

Think about it: this person could be someone who already knows your background, family, shares similar values, and you are already comfortable with them. Additionally, a strong friendship makes the best foundation for any relationship.

Consider using an online dating site

Over the years, the internet has brought us many opportunities to watching movies, shopping online and now it can even bring you, love. Consider what you want from our dating experience and choose a site that fits your interests. This will prevent any time wasted.

Got any more tips on how you can transform how you date? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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