A Penniless Date

We all have our moments when we have no money and yet want to have fun. I have had a lot of these moments I tell you. Being broke is like a habit with me. When I do have money, I splurge a lot and then end up cribbing about having no money. Anyhow, getting back to the topic, I would like to share my way of having a great time sans money, with the other unfortunate souls like me.

The other day, I wanted to take my girl out to a nice place, only realizing that it would be impossible due to the lack of money in my possession. So, I started thinking about what I could do with my girl that would be nice and all and wouldn’t be price at all. I seriously doubt my culinary skills but I thought what the heck, I might as well brave this one. So, I decided to cook. I called my girl up and told her that it will be a date at home kind of a thing and you know girls, they love surprises, so she agreed. I did not tell her about the me cooking bit because I am sure she would have canceled on me then.

I downloaded a romantic film off the net. She loves Meg Ryan, so I decided on You’ve got Mail. I cleaned the couch, meaning I dumped my clothes and the news paper elsewhere. I brought all the comfy cushions from the house and put it on the couch. Then, when I decide the setting was almost perfect; well according tome of course, I went to the kitchen to get over with the ordeal.

as already stated, I do not boast of my cooking skills. I know a limited number of recipes and a further limited number of ingredients were found in the kitchen. So, I ended up making spaghetti. I tasted it, it was okay. Yes, I couldn’t believe it too. Anyhow, I then dug out a bottle of wine that I had only had once before. It was almost full and would do for the evening. My girl knew I was going through a financial crisis, she didn’t mind the wine or the food for that matter.

She came over in the evening, and was fairly surprised by the dimmed lights in the living room. I had put the food in front of the couch, on the smaller table. We made ourselves comfortable on the couch and ate our food while watching the movie I had downloaded earlier.

When we finished eating, we sipped the wine while Meg Ryan chatted with Tom Hanks on the internet. Later, we sat with our arms around each other for a long time. Sometimes, there’s a lot said in silence. It was one helluva date I tell you. My girl agrees too.


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